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Bosnia and Herzegovina Updated national implementation: ECC/DEC/(05)05 (Yes Partly, BiH Rule 84/2018 stipulates the same conditions for MFCN assignments, but is not updated for LTE AAS and 5G); ECC/DEC/(06)01 (Yes Partly, Implemented without latest amendments from 08 March 2019); ECC/DEC/(06)13 (Yes Partly, Bands licensed for GSM/UMTS/LTE (no WiMax or IoT cellular systems)); ECC/DEC/(10)01 (Yes Partly, The band 10,6-10,68 GHz is utilized for PtP links only, with technical requirements as in ECC/DEC/(10)01); ECC/DEC/(12)01 (Yes Partly, non-licensed terminals in all bands from Annex 1 allowed, except for bands: 694-790 MHz and 2300-2400 MHz)


Bosnia and Herzegovina Updated national implementation: ECC/DEC/(02)10 (No, GSM-R not implemented in BiH); ECC/DEC/(02)09 (No, GSM-R not implemented in BiH); ECC/DEC/(02)05 (No, GSM-R not implemented in BiH); ERC/DEC/(01)19 (Under study); ERC/DEC/(94)01 (Yes); ERC/DEC/(95)01 (Yes Partly, Annex 1 only); ERC/DEC/(95)03 (Yes); ERC/DEC/(99)15 (Yes); ECC/REC/(05)08 (Yes Partly, (no GSM-R)); ECC/REC/(08)04 (Under study); ECC/REC/(11)04 (Yes); ECC/REC/(11)05 (Yes); ECC/REC/(15)04 ; ECC/REC/(17)03 ; ECC/DEC/(02)04 ; ECC/DEC/(05)01 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(05)05 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(06)01 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(06)04 (Yes); ECC/DEC/(06)05 (Under study); ECC/DEC/(06)07 ; ECC/DEC/(06)13 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(07)01 (Yes); ECC/DEC/(16)02 (Under study); ECC/DEC/(08)05 (Under study); ECC/DEC/(09)01 (Committed); ECC/DEC/(09)03 (Yes); ECC/DEC/(10)01 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(11)03 (Yes); ECC/DEC/(11)06 (Yes Partly, implemented without latest amendments from 26 October 2018); ECC/DEC/(12)01 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(13)01 (Yes Partly); ECC/DEC/(13)03 (Yes); ECC/DEC/(14)02 ; ECC/DEC/(15)01 ; ECC/DEC/(15)03 ; ECC/DEC/(17)06 ; ECC/DEC/(18)04 ; ECC/DEC/(18)05 ; ECC/DEC/(18)06 ; ECC/DEC/(19)02 ; ECC/DEC/(19)03