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ECC Report 215

Assessment of the technical feasibility of introducing very narrow channel spacing in some existing plans, in guard bands and center gaps of FWS channel arrangement at 6 GHz and 10 GHz

Published Title Description Status Download
2002-04-04 ECC Report 002 SAP/SAB (Incl. ENG/OB) spectrum use and future requirements Active
2002-10-12 ECC Report 017 Sharing between EESS (Passive) and video SAP/SAB links in the band 10.6-10.68 GHz Active
2005-02-25 ECC Report 064 The protection requirements of radiocommunications systems below 10.6 GHz from generic UWB applications Active
2007-02-20 ECC Report 100 Compatibility studies in the band 3400- 3800 MHz between Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) systems and other services Active
2010-02-12 ECC Report 139 Impact of Level Probing Radars (LPR), using Ultra-Wideband Technology on Radiocommunications Services Active
2018-04-27 ECC Report 173 Fixed Service in Europe Current use and future trends post 2016
2015-05-08 ECC Report 235 Assessment of the feasibility of the possible joint use, on a long term basis, of the adjacent bands 5925-6425 MHz and 6425-7125 MHz for P-P links Active
2019-03-08 ECC/DEC/(06)04 ECC Decision of 24 March 2006 on the harmonised conditions for devices using UWB technology in bands below 10.6 GHz, amended 9 December 2011 and amended 8 March 2019

2019-07-05 ECC/DEC/(11)02 ECC Decision of 11 March 2011 on industrial Level Probing Radars (LPR) operating in frequency bands 6-8.5 GHz, 24.05-26.5 GHz, 57-64 GHz and 75-85 GHz, updated on 17 November 2017 and amended on 5 July 2019

2015-05-08 ECC/REC/(14)06 ECC Recommendation of 19 September 2014 on implementation of Fixed Service Point-to-Point narrow channels (3.5 MHz, 1.75 MHz, 0.5 MHz, 0.25 MHz, 0.025 MHz) in the guard bands and center gaps of the lower 6 GHz (5925 to 6425 MHz) and upper 6 GHz (6425 to 7125 MHz) bands

1995-05-01 ERC Report 038 Handbook on radio equipment and systems video links for ENG/OB use Active
1997-05-01 ERC Report 047 Compatibility study between the fixed service and motion sensors at 10.5 GHz Active
1999-05-01 ERC Report 101 A comparison of the minimum coupling loss method, enhanced minimum coupling loss method, and the Monte-Carlo simulation Active
2007-06-15 ERC/REC 12-05 ERC Recommendation of 1996 on harmonised radio frequency channel arrangements for digital terrestrial fixed systems operating in the band 10.0-10.68 GHz, revised 15 June 2007

2014-09-19 ERC/REC 14-02 ERC Recommendation of 1995 on radio frequency channel arrangements for high, medium and low capacity digital fixed service systems operating in the band 6425 to 7125 MHz, latest amended on 19 September 2014

2016-10-18 ERC/REC 25-10 ERC Recommendation of 1995 on frequency Ranges for the Use of Terrestrial Audio and Video Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) applications, latest amended on 18 October 2016 Active
2010-02-05 T/R 13-01 Recommendation T/R of 1993 on preferred channel arrangements for fixed service systems operating in the frequency range 1-2.3 GHz, revised 5 February 2010